The Exhibition:

An exhibition of abstract artwork by American/British artists Tina Mammoser and Rodney Beecher

14-19 January 2013
Gallery 27
Cork Street, London, W1S 3NG
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Open 10-6 daily, late 'til 8pm Thurs/Fri

17 January 2013

Disconnections from the British art world

What trait of British artists or aspects of British art do you feel disconnected from, not having started as an artist here?

“I am totally disconnected from Britain’s long standing history and reverence for water colour. I can’t get past observing the techniques involved. And for me art is a singular solitary endeavour, so I don’t see the importance of an artist attaching letters to their name through art societies.”

“I feel disconnected from the long history of community many artists seem to have. Art in the family, maybe connection with a home town, plus a long cultural history. In a way it’s an almost hereditary grounding they have in their view towards being an artist. My background is one of constant movement so sometimes I envy that element of psychological stability.”

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