The Exhibition:

An exhibition of abstract artwork by American/British artists Tina Mammoser and Rodney Beecher

14-19 January 2013
Gallery 27
Cork Street, London, W1S 3NG
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Open 10-6 daily, late 'til 8pm Thurs/Fri

18 January 2013

Differences between American and British artists

What differences strike you most between contemporary artists now in American and in Britain?

“I find that the modern British artists I look at most are those using colour combinations not found in nature in the UK... Barbara Rae, Gillian Ayres, Albert Irvin and John Hoyland. But of course he was influenced by the New York Abstractionists. The main difference I see between the US and the UK artists is choice of colour palette.”
Details from "Thames Haven" (left) by Tina Mammoser
and "I am nature" (right) by Rodney Beecher Roberts

“Landscape! Just landscape as a subject matter even in urban contemporary painters’ work. I can find seascapes at all levels in all styles, at galleries and fairs. I’m always amazed at shows in the US that I rarely see landscapes, but lots of depictions of people and political work.”

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