The Exhibition:

An exhibition of abstract artwork by American/British artists Tina Mammoser and Rodney Beecher

14-19 January 2013
Gallery 27
Cork Street, London, W1S 3NG
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Open 10-6 daily, late 'til 8pm Thurs/Fri

28 December 2012

Venice via Chicago and California

Canals of Venice, Mixed media on canvas, 61cm x 51cm by Rodney Beecher Roberts
Rodney on Venice:
Venice in all its historic and poetic glory has seemingly denied the existence of the industrial revolution, and despite its teeming throngs of exuberant tourists, manages to exude a tranquility that permeates the human soul. In this series of paintings I have attempted to fuse this dichotomy of feelings: movement and stillness; excitement and calm through use of multiple layers of colour splashed, daubed, scrawled but mostly flowing over and running down the canvas to dissolve and re-emerge as a sentiment or feeling from a line of some of my favourite poems about Venice. 
Sotto il ponte, acrylic on canvas, 80cm x 80cm by Tina Mammoser
Tina on Venice: 
 Trying to refind light from dark, so not to have a dead flat white but a white with luminescence - with colour coming through the glow to evoke a colour relationship. Coming from a long period of charcoal drawing of water surfaces, I'm trying to discover the colours in Venice, to coordinate them into my existing ideas for water surfaces. Looking for references to the light and shadow, reflection and refraction, pattern and water movement. These create a different memory of Venice. Tranquil spaces of line, colour and light rather than landscape.

You can see Venice paintings from both of us at the AmericanBrits exhibition in January. 

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