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An exhibition of abstract artwork by American/British artists Tina Mammoser and Rodney Beecher

14-19 January 2013
Gallery 27
Cork Street, London, W1S 3NG
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Open 10-6 daily, late 'til 8pm Thurs/Fri

20 December 2012

Abstraction: conscious vs subconscious

 Excerpt from artist conversation:
"You have this whole thing where you don't sketch because it inhibits your creativity, and the fact that you work with so many materials and you're much freer. I'm so precise with my stuff, and I'm always thinking when I'm actually doing it. I'm always analysing it with each layer of paint."
"Unfortunately thought does creep as I'm painting and I hate that! It invariably makes me take the painting in a different direction than it wants to go, as they say. My subscious is trying to do something and my thought process gets in... no! Stop that!"
"You want your subconscious to take over."
"Yeah "
"And I want my intellect to take over."
"Anytime my intellectual gets in the way, I hate the painting 2 weeks after it's finished and I have to paint over it. It misses. If a painter or artist starts with the end in mind and can achieve that end, that's great. But that's not where I work from. I can't do that. And every time my thought process gets in the way it changes the painting and it doesn't work any more."
"If I am painting and I let my emotion take over, which isn't to say I'm not emotional when I'm painting - I have a sort of joy from it - but because I am so analytical if I start painting for catharsis I end up finishing a painting and looking at it and thinking 'my god that sucks'.  So I start with an idea, then a plan, and I try to stick to the plan, or replan. I like to know there's a balance and a sense of making your eye move around in a specific way."

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