The Exhibition:

An exhibition of abstract artwork by American/British artists Tina Mammoser and Rodney Beecher

14-19 January 2013
Gallery 27
Cork Street, London, W1S 3NG
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Open 10-6 daily, late 'til 8pm Thurs/Fri

15 January 2013

American influences on art

Detail from "The 5th Dimension"
Mixed media painting by Rodney Beecher Roberts
How did growing up in American culture most influence your artwork now?

“I think growing up in the states, especially California, left me with the typical American attitude of wanting everything the way I want it, not ‘how it comes’. For me, my expectations are what counts not the status quo or what others may think is proper, which I think shows in my art work.”

“I was raised with a very achievement-oriented attitude to life, something that has ebbed since moving to the UK. But it is still there and I think it drives my artwork. I have a need to push more, find something different, for the work to have meaning and my technique to be challenging.  Even within the creative process I do naturally build myself structures.”

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